🎨 Annual Coded Self-Portrait Competition

⌛ 2024 Theme: “CodeYourSelf™: The Time Traveler

Imagine you are a time traveler who has journeyed back to a specific era or decade in time. Your task is to code a self-portrait that reflects the essence and spirit of that era. Choose an era or decade that fascinates you and resonates with you.

Along with your self-portrait, provide a brief artist’s statement explaining your choice of era and the inspiration behind your work. Share your thoughts on the connection between the chosen era and your personal identity. This is your chance to showcase your creativity, coding skills, and storytelling abilities in the world of time travel!

Use the form below to submit your Coded Self-Portrait Project. Make sure to review the rubric and terms & conditions before submitting your project and follow @codeartorg on social media for updates!

Submission Deadline: Feb. 9, 2024








New to Coding?

No problem! We welcome first-timers and are excited that you’re here. Check out our step-by-step tutorial to get started on coding your own self-portrait. In less than an hour, you can have a coded art piece to submit!

Please stop and read before submitting

This competition is for female-identifying or gender non-binary students in grades 3-12. Students must write a computer program to generate their self-portrait using, but not limited to, Processing.js or p5.js and provide a working link to view the artwork and the code.

Submission for this category MUST be a self-portrait to qualify. All design elements MUST be coded. No gifs, jpgs, pngs, images from any software’s image library or other graphic files can be part of your portrait to qualify. Written portions must answer the (4) prompted questions. 

Before starting make sure you have these items ready to go:

  • parent/guardian or teacher email (if under 18 years old) 
  • project URL
  • photo of yourself